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How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

There are many people out there who feel that they are paid less than they deserve to be paid. If you feel that you have doing a great job and deserve to be paid more, then you should ask your boss for a raise. If you deserve a raise you should stop being afraid to ask and make that one decision to tell your boss. Following this easy steps you are bound to be successful in your quest.

  1. Gather information

Before you do anything, you should gather as much information about your work place as possible. Know your companies policies, get to know how much other people on the level you work are paid, know how much of a star you are to your company and anything that you can use as leverage when you choose to approach your boss.

  1. Make a fool-proof case

This step requires you to apply the information you gathered soberly and objectively. You should have a list of your accomplishments, a review of your work history, consider your future with the company and finally know what pay level you want to work in. This will validate your request for more pay while emphasizing on your commitment to be continually productive in the company.

  1. Ask for a raise

When you are convinced that you have a strong case to present to your boss then it is time to make the move. This is a very sensitive part and requires that you be careful depending on the relationship that you have with your boss. Timing very important, choose carefully when to approach the boss. Make an appointment them gather all the confidence you need to ask your boss. If the boss makes a promise, be keen to follow it up. Be resilient and it will pay off.

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