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Four Compelling Reasons Why Objectives Should Not Be Used On Your Resume

It seems like a good idea to put a career objective on your resume. After all, it’s a common thing for people to do and it seems like a good way to impress a recruiter with some flashy language. However, it can work against you. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid putting an objective on your resume.

Time consuming

Recruiters receive an overwhelming number of resumes and application letters when they advertise a position, sometimes in the hundreds. With so many resumes to go through they don’t have much time to go through your entire resume. Many recruiters don’t bother to read the career objective; they just go straight to the experience and skills.

No benefit to the recruiter

Your career objectives are statements that drive you, the job seeker. A lot of the time they are of no use to the recruiter. The recruiter’s primary interests are skills and experience. This means that objectives don’t  add any value to your resume and should be removed. You should only fill your resume with information that’s relevant to the job which for you’re applying.

Space filler

An objective can be easily perceived as a space filler on your resume; something to make it look bulky because you don’t have anything else you can include. You are better off filling the space with qualifications and experience so that the recruiter can see all the relevant information in one glance.

An extra thing to update

Most people come up with a single career objective and use it on every resume they send out. Ideally, a resume should be customized to fit the job for which you’re applying. Therefore an objective is just another additional thing for you to update regularly. The chances are low that you will be picked for a job just because you have a nice sounding career objective. Instead, you should focus on things that can make you stand out from other candidates and are related to the job for which you’re applying.

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