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4 Essential Facts About Following Up After A Job Interview

4 Essential Facts About Following Up After A Job Interview


It can take you days or even weeks to prepare for an interview. Once you’ve attended it, you’re left with one another nerve wracking part – waiting for the outcome. Some recruiters don’t take much time to decide; they can let give you feedback within a day or even immediately after the interview. If you don’t get feedback within a short time you should follow up.

Follow up in a timely manner

Ideally you should follow up within 2 to 3 days of being interviewed, unless the recruiter explicitly says there should be no follow ups. Following up has the advantage of allowing you to remain memorable in the mind of the recruiter. If the recruiter remembers you it could increase your chances of being hired for the job.

Be professional

You should follow up in a professional and courteous manner. You can send a thank you note, an email, a text or even a quick phone call to the recruiter. Contact the recruiter through an official medium. So if you’re using email you should send the message to their official email account. Avoid using personal mediums.

If the recruiter gives you a specific date by which you should expect feedback, and that day passes, you should follow up only then. Don’t follow up before the time expires and don’t follow up too frequently or too many times. Chances are it will annoy the recruiter and as a result can work against you.

Sell yourself

During the follow up you can also take the opportunity to quickly express some of your ideas or present a solution to a problem that the recruiter may have stated in the interview, or you can give a response to question that you were unable to answer during the actual interview. This can work to your advantage by giving the recruiter the impression that you’re really serious about the job and you’re actually putting in effort. The thank you note can also soften up the recruiter a little bit.

Know when to move on

If you’ve waited for while and followed up but the recruiter doesn’t respond, you should move on. There’s no point in spending your time pining over one job. Don’t take it personal. Direct your efforts toward other opportunities.


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