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Top Five Tips For Preparing Your Resume

A resume is the first thing a prospective employer gets to see about you. As such it gives them the first impression of who you are and what you can offer. A well put together resume can be the difference between getting hired and being passed over. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when preparing your resume.

Don’t lie about your past

People often put jobs, achievements and school they didn’t do on their resume to beef it up. Employers often do a background check, and even if they don’t, it may come back to haunt you when you’re given work that you’re unable to complete due to lacking the proper skills, which you lied about having.

Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar

This may seem like a small thing, but if having incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation on your resume may work against you in a major way. It gives the prospective employer that you either didn’t bother to proofread it or you don’t have a strong command of basic writing skills.

Update your contact details

If you’ve changed, addresses or phone numbers make sure you update your resume. You may wait and wait for a long time for a call or mail that never arrives because you put the wrong contact details on your resume. Also, try to put down a professional sound email address like or instead of an address like

Use descriptive and interesting phrases

Don’t use a dull, passive tone of voice that sounds like a history lesson. Use action verbs such as ‘created,’ ‘engineered,’ ‘achieved,’ etc. These words are more engaging and give a sense of actively getting things done.  Here is a list of resume keywords that will be helpful for engagement. 

Streamline your information

Choose the information you that put on your resume wisely. Don’t just put any and everything about your past or work experience. Put what’s relevant to the job that you’re applying for in a neat and orderly fashion. Your previous job experience should not be described verbosely. Simply put the key things you did, concentrating on achievements and your personal contributions.


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