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What Are Some Good Free Apps For Job Seekers?

What Are Some Good Free Apps For Job Seekers?

Job searching used to be a tiring process of checking newspaper, word of mouth, dropping of resumes and sometimes moving from office to office in search of an opportunity. Technology has changed that. You can now get apps on your Smartphone which enable you to search for jobs from the comfort of your home. Following are some of the good free apps that can assist you to find a work if you’re in the process of job hunting.

Jobs – Career Builder

Jobs is an app that was created by CareerBuilder. You can use it for finding work in the USA. It allows you to search for jobs, save jobs, apply for jobs, search for recommended jobs, get job notifications and it also allows you to get sign up for a CareerBuilder account. It has an attractive interface and works on iOS as well as Android devices.

Job Search – Simply Hired

Job search is an app that was developed by Simply Hired. It has a huge selection of jobs. It allows you to search for jobs by job title, company or required skills. You can also narrow down that search by city, state or zip code. Once you find a job you like you can apply for it, save it, or email it to yourself so that you can apply on your computer if you wish.  The actual job application process isn’t done within the app itself; you’re redirected to the Simply Hired web site instead where you apply for the job via your web browser. The app works on Android and iOS.


The LinkedIn app allows you to search for available jobs almost anywhere in the world. Application for jobs varies; some posts have an apply button while others redirect you to the website of the hiring company. The LinkedIn app is also a great networking tool and allows you to find new contacts and interact with potential employers. It’s supported on Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Proven Job Search – Craigslist

Proven Jobs combines results from Simply Hired, Craigslist and Beyond Jobs job services to help you find location-based jobs from these three sites. It has excellent job filtering tools and allows you to apply for jobs you’re interested in. It enables you to manage your resumes/cover letters, and it can also give you job search tips and expert advice. It works on iOS and Android.

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