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Can Your Credit Score Affect Your Job Search?

Can Your Credit Score Affect Your Job Search?

We live in a society that survives on credit. Some use it for buying the essentials for their home, others use it for luxuries, others for business, and basically any purpose you can think of under the sun. With our lives revolving around credit so much it’s not a surprise when you hear of people having bad credit. While you can escape bad credit there are times when it follows you around and haunts you. One such time where this could happen is if you’re searching for a job. Just how can your credit score affect your job search?

Financial industry jobs

Many employers often do background checks on candidates in which they check criminal history and/or credit history. While a criminal history might hurt your chances of getting certain jobs a history of bad credit can also cause employers to take you out of the running. It’s usually not the case though for many jobs. But if you’re someone who’s going to have access to funds, accounts and monetary resources, a bad credit history may raise a red flag; the issue being if you can’t handle your personal finances how are you going to manage the finances of a department/organization?

Managerial positions

It may also hurt you if you’re vying for managerial jobs. Since managers deal with several aspects of a business they play an important role in steering it in a certain direction. If a candidate for a managerial position has a history of bad credit it may raise concerns that s/he may not be able to manage the company’s resources or may embezzle funds.

Bad credit in general may give the impression that you are an irresponsible person and that may affect your chances. In the current state of the global economy though, many employers understand that a candidate may have bad credit due to some external factors that s/he has no control over. So some employers are more forgiving. If you feel that your credit score is affecting your job hunt try your best to correct it as soon as possible, there are a few places where you can check your credit score online for free no credit card need, is one of them.

Remember, be honest about it when asked by an employer but don’t dwell on it, or maybe just consider looking for jobs in other sectors.

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