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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Personal Resume Site

In an ever-changing world with a highly competitive job market, you have to stand out of the crowd in order to get a job or at least be called for an interview. One of the ways in which you can stand out is by having a personal, professional website. Following are some of the reasons why this can help you.

Increased visibility

Some employers search the web for potential candidates by name or skills before deciding who to call for interviews or hire. Having a website increases your online presence and as a result increases your chances of being found.

It sends a strong message

A website sends a message that you are a person who’s serious about your professional image and you should be taken seriously. It also allows the reader to be able to focus more on the details about yourself that you’ve placed on the site than if you were to put your profile up on a social media site.

Showcase your personality

A personal website enables you to showcase your hobbies, personal interests, experiences and other more personal details that you may not be able to put on your résumé. Prospective employers can go through this information, which can help them to see traits that impress them and decide to call you for an interview.

Round the clock availability of your professional portfolio

A website with can act as a 24/7 portal to all your professional details and qualifications, which can be accessed by anyone, anytime and from anywhere in the world. That way if you need to share these details with a prospective employer, say in an informal setting, you can point them to your website. A site also acts as a backup of your documents.

A website basically acts like an extension to your résumé which allows you to include a multitude of things which could ultimately land you a job. You need to update it regularly. It’s not difficult to have one up and running, even with limited tech skills. So create your site now and increase your online presence.

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