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Why It Is Important To Be Honest On Your Resume

Why It Is Important To Be Honest On Your Resume

Ones resume is a representation of yourself, listing your professional experience and your qualifications and education. When composing your resume go over it meticulously to make certain that there aren’t any mistakes that might raise questions with a potential employer. Always make sure that you highlight all the qualifications which show that you are the ideal applicant for the position. Your resume should help you to present yourself as being a a refined, detail oriented professional.

One fact to keep in mind when writing your resume is, not only do you want to present your professional life positively in the best way you can, you also want your resume to highlight your integrity and your genuineness.  This is usually a challenging task simply because it’s difficult to express sincerity and your integrity in the form of a cover letter and resume.

Many employers have  a  strict zero tolerance policy towards dishonesty so it is a good idea to ensure that all of the facts you list  on your resume are genuine and honest. Intentionally lying on your resume is unacceptable. However, there are a few sections of your resume that might cause you to inadvertently write inaccurate information.

Take note of the following items of your resume to ensure you will not find yourself seeming dishonest to your prospective employer:

  • Under professional experience list the exact title you held previously. Some professionals posses titles which are specific to the company that they worked and  these titles might not make sense outside the company that they worked for. Always identify your specific title, and also include some words to describe what you do in the industry. When you do this, when your prospective employer contacts your employer for the a reference check, they’re going to verify your specific title and understand the extent of your position, beyond the scope of that specific organization.


  •  If you have any doubts it is best not to guess. For example,  If you cannot remember when you began or ended a position due to the fact that it has been so long since you worked  with that company,contact the company and ask about specific dates . You shouldn’t make any presumptions regarding dates,certification dates,  the title of your references  or their particular contact details, , etc. Make certain you always take time to confirm the information you’re uncertain about before incorporating it in your resume.


  •    Do not cover up gaps in your employment. Most professionals have  some breaks in their experience for a number of reasons. Don’t try to conceal this from your prospective employers. Address any  breaks  in your work background in your cover letter, and be truthful in regard to the reason why you were not employed during that specific time.


  •   Be truthful regarding your achievements. Instead of distressing in regards to the qualifications you do not have, be confident and emphasize your work experience and accomplishments in a honest way. You should not exaggerate professional roles,  skills, or even extend  employment dates. Concentrate on showing  your skills in the best way possible; make sure you quantify your achievements, and create a positive professional summation for your resume.

Modify your resume until you feel assured that the facts featured in your resume are honest and will not cause any questions to be raised by the prospective employer that you may not have tackled in  your  resume or the cover letter. Photo credit: flazingo_photos / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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