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How To Land More Interviews

How  To Land More Interviews

After the job application has been sent and your resume has been accepted the next thing that will happen is that the potential employer will call you for an interview…once they are impressed with the documents submitted.  

Your resume can present you as an individual very well.  75% of employers mention that candidates who submitted resumes passing their standards would certainly be invited for a job interview.   Here are some resumes tips will help you land interviews.

1. The position that you are interested  in should be placed close to the beginning of your resume.  Using this as an objective indicates that you are  focused and career oriented  and shows the potential employer that the position you are applying for is the perfect job for you.

2. One of the best ways to get an potential employers’ attention is by using words that demonstrate the strong capabilities that you possess.  .  A good example of this is, instead of writing , “assigned to be”, you should write “in charge of,” this indicates to the potential employer that you posses  active leadership skills . You can find a list of resume keywords here.

3. A bullet captures the eye of an potential employer with one look.  Use bullets when itemizing achievements, career highlights, qualifications, and skills and interests.  Not only does using  bullet form force the  potential employer to read the information you have provided it also create more clear space on the resume  making the application form or the resume neat and easier to read.

4  Only apply for a certain positions in one company or organization one at a time.  Avoid submitting resumes with different job interests and positions at the same company.

5. Find a resume writing service if you find yourself having trouble creating your resume. These resume writing expert scan actually see your strengths and abilities and craft a resume reflecting that in the best way possible. Some good resume writing services are: Monster Resume Writing Service and Resume Edge.

Besides preparing and submitting a impressive resume you should also carefully read and follow all instructions while filling out the actual job application. Take note of how many spaces you are provided for a specific answer.

Filling out the application according to the prospective employers rules is also a test to see how well you can follow simple directions.

Not only should you follow all required steps, your handwriting should be neat and legible. Try to write in black ink whenever possible. Do not use liquid paper or fold or bend the job application.

When filling out the application be careful not to leave anything blank unless it really does not apply to you. Use N/A only when absolutely necessary.

You must always be truthful with all the answers you give on the application and always adapt the answers the type of job that you are applying for; only provide skills and achievements that you have received that will be benefit the potential employer.  Make sure that the answers you provide indicate the reason you will be more qualified that other applicants.

Provide references that will be willing and honest enough to provide information to the potential employer. You must fill out the job application to be consistent with what is on the resume that you submitted. Since many employers standardize and evaluate the information the candidate is providing in his or her application as well as resume, these documents  must be complete with comprehensive and honest information .

Any discrepancies will not work out in your favor. Your resume and and job application is the basis that a potential employers use when deciding on to have a one on one interview with you  to find out if exactly what they read is accurate.

Equip yourself with positive techniques and knowledge these job interview invitations.  Do not forget that this will be a marketing tool that you can  use for other future job searching experience..

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