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Part Time Jobs That Pay Well

Part Time Jobs That Pay Well

Many people need to take on a part time job in order to supplement their income. This trend is particularly popular with students, stay home moms and retirees. This gives them a chance to still make money while they engage in the issues that take center stage in their lives. Wages are made on per hour basis or for the work done. Here is a list of some of the lucrative part time jobs that you can do.


Most parents may want to give their children extra classes when they feel that their kids need extra attention from a teacher. People working in the teaching profession may make an extra dollar for conducting private tuition to students. Payment for tutoring ranges from $12 an hour to $25 an hour.


If you have special skills that people would pay for, then you can choose to make money out it. The internet offers a platform where you can earn from your skills. You could use the internet to let the people know what you can do and offer your contacts. Alternatively, you can sign up to freelancing websites which offers a ready market for the skills you posses. Payment from  this kind of venture may vary depending on the service you are offering, but it it could be  enough for you to make a living out of.

Here are a few freelancing sites that you can sign up with:

Yoga instructor

Yoga is an activity that is gaining popularity in most parts of the world. Being a yoga instructor will require that you have sufficient knowledge of yoga routines. It is easy to get yoga instructor classes from the internet and get certified as a yoga instructor. With the right  commitment you could soon become a yoga master. A yoga instructor attracts wages that range from $20 an hour to $50 an hour.

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